12-year-old Australian boy takes family credit card to go on holiday to Bali

A 12-year-old boy from Sydney recently stole his parents’ credit card and flew to Bali on his own after an argument with his mother.

Identified only by the pseudonym Drew, was told that he couldn’t go to Bali by his mother, and undeterred managed to book himself a flight on an airline that allows minors to travel with only a student ID proving that they are 12 years old or older, and passport.

He took his passport and a student ID before taking a flight to Bali

According to his mother, “He doesn’t like the word ‘no’”. ‘Drew’ tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport and rode his razor scooter to the local train station. He had booked a train to Sydney Airport. There, he was able to check in at a self-service station and get through security, before boarding a flight to Perth.

Staff at the Perth airport merely asked him for identification to prove he was over 12 before he stepped on a flight bound for Indonesia. At Bali, he had booked himself into an All Seasons hotel and assured staff that his sister would be joining him later, convincing them to let him check in early.

‘Drew’ had booked himself into a hotel in Bali
Boy Runs Away to Bali After Fight With Family

Back in Australia, ‘Drew’s’ parents had reported him missing after learning that he had never made it to school. “Shocked, disgusted. There’s no emotion to feel what we felt when we discovered that he had left overseas,” his mother said.

It has not been revealed how long ‘Drew’ spent in Bali

When Australian authorities learned that he was in Bali on 17 March, she flew out to retrieve him. Unrepentant, ‘Drew’ declared that “It was great … because I wanted to go on an adventure”.

Australian police have said that they will review the circumstances of the case to prevent such events from happening again.


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