66 National Parks to Close in Thailand for the Monsoon

Bad news for those heading to Thailand this rainy season, many national parks are set to begin their annual closure. 66 of the country’s 147 national parks will be closing at various times over the year, with some places remaining shut until December.

This closure occurs each year during the rainy season and is ordered by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation. The rains make many of the parks dangerous for visitors to enter, with extreme weather, unexpected increases in water levels, slippery ground, and much more. It also serves as a recuperation period for the park eco-systems which are often under strain with the near constant stream of visitors.

Many areas in the Krabi province will close for the rainy season

According to the governor of the Thai tourism authority, Yuthasak Supasorn, “Natural rejuvenation is key to preserving the biodiversity and pristine quality of Thailand’s amazing nature and natural resources.”

Thailand’s southern region will be most affected, with 28 parks set to close, while 24 will close in the north. 25 parks will close in the northeast, along with 20 other parks across Thailand. In many of the parks, it is only certain attractions, such as Mae Usu Cave, and the Ton Chong Fa Waterfall.

The rains make many of these regions difficult to navigate

Some of the country’s top attractions will be affected by this closure, including Pha Daeng, Kao Sok, and Mu Ko Lanta. Exact dates will vary depending on weather and park conditions. For a full list of parks, dates, and attractions closing, check here and here.


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