Rome’s iconic Colosseum is one of the most famous buildings in the world. This spectacular amphitheatre is visited by millions each year. But, a new tour will give visitors the chance to visit the Colosseum after dark.

The newly launched Under the Moon tour comes from the Italian company Roma Experience and offers visitors a unique view of the mesmerising building. Visiting the Colosseum after dark, you can also experience the majestic ancient structure amidst the dark sky and the twinkling city lights.

Colosseum in Rome after sunset
The Colosseum in Rome after sunset with the twinkling city lights

It is also a chance to explore the Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, without the usual crushing crowds. The new VIP tour is limited to 25 participants. This is a far cry from the thousands who descend upon it each day. Participants will also get access to many areas that are usually restricted. These include the arena stage and the underground dungeons.

You can now visit the Colosseum after dark with an exclusive tour

The new tour of the Colosseum after dark begins at the Piazza Venezia. Here visitors will also receive a quick overview of the history of Ancient Rome. After an exploration of the Piazza Venezia, the Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, and Via dei Fori Imperiali, they will be taken to the Colosseum itself.

Colosseum after dark
A new night tour will let you explore the arena of Rome’s iconic Colosseum after dark. (Image by Roma Experience)

Here, you can experience a gladiator’s view of the arena’s main wooden stage. And, the underground dungeons where both animals and gladiators awaited their turn to fight. A reconstructed trap door and wooden elevator also show how they were lifted into the arena above. This comes after the recent opening of the legendary Farnese Gardens, and an ancient Roman pathway on Palatine Hill.

The Under the Moon tour of the Colosseum after dark starts at €74 ($86) per person. This also includes an expert local tour guide and headsets. You can find out more at the Roma Experience official website.



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