A Whole Museum In Germany Is Dedicated To The Dachshund

Dog lovers’ dreams come true with a whole museum in Germany dedicated to the dachshund.

Located in the Bavarian city of Passau, the Dackelmuseum is truly a thing of wonder. The first museum solely dedicated to dachshunds (dackel is another German name for the breed), it features over 4500 toys and items that celebrate the beloved ‘sausage dog’.

Dachshunds are often called ‘sausage dogs’

Bred during the Middle Ages to hunt badgers and foxes, Bavaria has had a long relationship with the dachshunds. The German Dachshund Club was founded back in 1888 and now has over 20,000 members. Germany’s last emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, was also devoted to the breed. During the 1972 Munich Olympics, a dachshund called Waldi was even given pride of place as the mascot.

A Bavarian Icon
The museum is said to have the largest collection of items related to dachshunds

The Dackelmuseum was created by two former florists, Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz. They themselves have two dachshunds, Seppi and Moni. After collecting dachshund-themed memorabilia for over 25 years, they opened the museum on April 2.

The museum has 21 special areas of interest, from cultural history to the use of the dachshund as a muse. Stamps, prints with ‘sausage dog’ motifs and porcelain dachshunds are among the items on display. There are also photographs of famous owners of dachshunds like Albert Einstein and Leonard Nimoy and a crowned golden statue of the dog.

Passau restaurants and bakeries are also selling dachshund themed food

While the popularity of dachshunds has been on the decline in Germany over recent years, the Bavarian city seems to be to be revitalizing its love of the dog. Apart from the Dackelmuseum, many restaurants and bakeries are coming up with dachshund-themed foods.


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