Have you ever felt a surge of anxiety, when you can’t find your suitcase – the bag which contains all your essential things? Or do you wish you could be hands-free and not have to lug your suitcase around? All these concerns can be addressed with a new AI-powered suitcase.

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Ovis by ForwardX

You don’t have to worry about lugging a suitcase around at airports now, Ovis, an AI-powered suitcase by self-driving robotics company ForwardX has sensors embedded that allows it to follow you at a speed of almost 7 miles per hour without running into anything and the route projection technology helps it recognize its path. You can also check the weight of your suitcase/luggage using the Ovis app.

Ovis comes with a GPS tracker in case you lose it or if the luggage falls too far behind you. It has a TSA-approved smart lock system that can open itself once you’re near security, and also a battery that can be expelled and serve as a charging dock for your cell phone.

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ForwardX claims that Ovis, the world’s first Vision-powered carry-on, not only follows you from behind but can also move automatically by your side. To make your travel effortless, Ovis by ForwardX is custom-fitted for travellers with cutting-edge technology and equipped with Artificial Intelligence. It coordinates exclusive computer vision innovation, Visual Simultaneous Location and Mapping (VSLAM), and neural network algorithms created by ForwardX.

The prices start at $399, Ovis is currently raising funding on Indiegogo.

Travelmate by Travelmate robotics

Travelmate is said to be the first AI-powered suitcase and comes in 3 sizes. Slightly more expensive than the Ovis, Travelmate prices start at $1099.

Travelmate’s AI-powered suitcase comes equipped with the following features:
  • Open your fancy-pants AI-powered suitcase using your fingerprint with its touch-enabled lock system
  • Comes with Bluetooth
  • A removable battery that can not only be charged using wireless technology, it can also be used to charge other devices when not used for your suitcase.
  • An inbuilt scale that helps you accurately weigh the contents.
  • It has LED lights that indicate battery levels, the direction of movement and few other signals.
  • A detachable GPS that not only enables you to track your suitcase but also lets you use the same to track other devices.
  • It also has machine learning capabilities, obstacle avoidance and comes in a variety of colours.

For more information and to purchase, visit their official website.

Now that you know you can be hands-free wherever you go, when are you planning to buy an AI-powered suitcase?


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