If you are someone who ditched a non-vegetarian diet but still craves for meat, the impossible burger comes to save you. The Air New Zealand impossible burger is the airline’s new addition to promote vegetarianism. The impossible burger is a completely vegan burger made with artificial meat that looks like beef and tastes identical to it too.

Taste The Delicious Air New Zealand Impossible Burger

Air New Zealand Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger (Image by Air New Zealand)Researchers came up with the plant-based Impossible Burger to promote vegetarianism.  Having already received awards for their remarkable services, Air New Zealand becomes the first airline to serve the Impossible Burger to their passengers.

However, it is only available on Business Premier menus on flights from Los Angeles to Auckland until October. After this period, the airline will be reviewing the burger’s popularity. Air New Zealand has a reputation for excellent services and true kiwi hospitality. The airline was even ranked number 2 on a list of best international airlines.

The magical element which gives the Impossible Burger its meaty experience

The artificial meat comes from US startup Impossible Foods. Thier Impossible Burgers are made of coconut oil, wheat, potatoes and heme. This iron-containing molecule comes from the roots of soy plants and is similar to animal meat. The artificial meat made with this is completely plant-based but has the texture, smell, and taste of meat.

Airplane of Air New Zealand takes off from airport
An aeroplane of Air New Zealand takes off from a runway in Queenstown, South Island of New Zealand.
What’s The Problem With The Air New Zealand Impossible Burger?

However, some people in New Zealand are unhappy with the Air New Zealand Impossible Burger. They feel that this Silicon Valley food technology takes away from regional beef farmers.

As animal agriculture and meat production are one of the biggest contributors to global warming, promoting vegetarianism is an effective way to help reduce green gas emissions. The impossible burger, made entirely from plant-based ingredients, without any adverse impact on livestock, takes this one step further. It is sustainable without compromising on nutrition or taste. As Impossible Foods CEO and founder Dr Patrick O. Brown, “Air New Zealand is taking the Impossible Burger to even greater heights”

The Impossible Burger is also available at 2500 restaurants across the United States. If you’re a vegetarian, why not check out the top European destinations for vegetarians.


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