Amith M D

I hail from the Southern Part of India. An avid sportsperson by nature who possesses the zest for travel at the drop of a hat. Each time I travel, I feel the desperate need to take a piece of home along with me. With that being said, I like it all unplanned as it throws me into a directionless ignition. I begin to wander. The wander turns into lust. The lust remains like a souvenir of the place I have travelled. The initial sense of unawareness is replaced by a desirable destiny. Writing for travel has been enticing ever since I was in my tertiary years. As the path clears out pedal by pedal, I get closer to my reflection until… …until I am become one with my next destination. I am more of a ‘pick-a-place-on-the-map-and-leave’ person. I often ask my fellow travellers, what’s in a bucket-list? Well, as far as I am concerned, that list can rest on the shoulders of planners and strategists. For now, it’s just about time to wander. One might not cover all the dream destinations, but one can create dreamy stories on places one has covered. With many unknown earthly spaces to dive into, I want to begin with my first travel words, ‘it’s time to bag-pack and fly!’