Jovina Smith

Jovina Smith is a full time day dreamer and a part time traveler. When she is not too busy planning her next trip to a new destination, she works as a piano teacher and a representative of the London College of Music. From a young age, Jovina found that she would very easily get restless and irritable from following a monotonous, scheduled life and this is when she discovered that travelling was the one thing that would recharge her batteries. As fate would have it, she found a job that was flexible enough to accommodate her wanderlust and in the few years that she has been able to finance her own travels, she has managed to get a taste of what the world has to offer and she is hungry for more! While she has just dipped her toes into the ocean that is world travelling, she has managed to rake up a few memorable experiences along the way such as snorkeling off the coast of Hong Island, releasing baby turtles back into the ocean on Hikkaduwa Beach in Sri Lanka, sipping Milo cocktails at the riverside Clarke Quay in Singapore and taking part in a reenactment in King Henry the VIII’s chambers in the Hampton Court Palace in England and she is just getting started. Her aim is to keep going till every page of her passport is stained with the ink of a new country only to start all over again.