Travel could easily be described in clichés, the aesthetics, people, kind of experience et all… For me has gradually grown into a part of me from the first time I set my foot out. Over the last few years I had been struggling to travel with work commitments, a packed up routine and many other things, which usually is the case when you become part of a corporate set up and lead through a routine in the city. Often there were opportunities exploited thoroughly and each kilometre passed greeted with utmost happiness. The soul likes to be lost at times and wanders back into the shackles of the routine life. Back then, it just was to feel something different from my city life, now it is more about experiencing the life of the place I’m going to. Off late for the first time in many years have I started living outside of Mumbai. My new home in the Nilgiris at best could be described as a hub for adventurers and travel enthusiasts, while I’m already feeling like a ‘Pahadi’ living in here. Similarly, as I started visiting different places, I naturally tend to grow into the local culture, enjoy their food and try to go into a deep understanding on how the place / people have evolved in the years gone. I may not be a person who converses too much while in the city, but while I’m out a different chatterbox pops out and a conversational me comes out, to hear stories, talk about my own experiences but overall I like the atmosphere created in places I travel. Most times travelling solo appeals but travelling with people is always fun. By the time when life comes to an end, the reflection of these travel stories and some of the experiences which we tend to keep within the boundaries of our hearts will be a story in itself, one that will make us feel we have lived a life beyond walls, cities and limits.