Bali Volcano Eruption – Volcanic Ash Disrupts Air travel

Mount Agung volcano in the popular tourist island Bali in Indonesia erupted spewing lava and 2 km high thick volcanic ash on Monday. The Bali volcano eruption on Monday caused more than 700 people to evacuate Banjar Galih town, which is located around 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) from the pit, they were directed to a safer evacuation centre. The Monday night eruption was thunderous and hurled white-hot rocks from the crater.

This is the fourth time that Mount Agung has erupted in 2018. Once on January 11, twice in June, on 12th and 28th (with only volcanic ash emission and water vapour detected on June 28).

‘’Explosions from the mountain began just after 9 pm local time (2 pm GMT) and lasted more than 7 minutes. Flares of incandescent lava reached 2 kilometres from the crater, setting fire to forests at high elevation on the mountain’’ said The Indonesian geological agency’s Agung monitoring post

Volcanic ash disrupts air travel

Bali international airport resumed their services on June 29th. It was closed for half a day in the last week due to the ongoing eruptions. Hundreds of flights were cancelled due to the thick volcanic ash disrupting air travel and causing inconvenience to many. The eruption occurred again on Monday and continued to Tuesday spewing volcanic ash intermittently, however, the during this time the airport continued its routine operations.

Possible future impact

Further to this, Bali is hosting the conference of The IMF and World Bank in October and is, therefore, preparing to receive thousands of delegates. The Island has been planning for major adjustments and is also planning to construct a roundabout and an underpass to run below the congested crossing that runs from Nusa Dua to the Airport and from Kuta beach to Denpasar city to avoid the traffic. Hopes are that these plans won’t be affected by the continuous eruptions.

Bali Volcano Eruption: Not just this year

The volcanic activity has been causing flight delays and cancellations on similar unfortunate occasions (eruptions in 2015 and 2017). More than 75,000 passengers were affected worldwide due to the delay and cancellations of flights in the main international airport of Bali. During the eruptions of 2017, Bali ran losses of up to 30% on tourism. People who are planning to visit Bali are advised to take precautions since the ongoing volcano eruptions might cause the same trouble.

The restricted area around the volcanic crater remains 4 kilometres and the alert status of The Mount Agung volcano has not been raised from the second highest level.

For more updates

The airport has advised people to follow their account on Twitter and stay updated. Those travelling to or planning to travel to Bali at any point in time can follow them or view their tweets here.

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