Beer in Russia is running low on the supply – thanks to Beer swilling world cup fans

Beer in Russia is running low on supply as thirsty FIFA fans drink the country dry. It’s hot and it’s football. Moscow is witnessing a huge crowd of football fans and they are all drinking. Russia’s beer sale is not doing well since the rules and regulations have been tightened. The weather is hot and that makes them drink more than expected and Russia’s brewers didn’t see this coming.

One of the waiters in Moscow’s restaurant shares that he didn’t know all of them wanted only beer. Football fans in Moscow had drunk 800 litres of beer in three days, finishing the large chunk of cheap beers before going for fancy and expensive bottles.

Soccer fans at Rostov-on-Don, FIFA World Cup 2018 - beer in Russia
Soccer fans at Rostov-on-Don, FIFA World Cup 2018

In the face of a shortage of beer in Russia and how it is adversely affecting business, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the biggest brewing company and sponsor for the FIFA World Cup, did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

When Sweden won against South Korea, their victory after 12 years, Swedish fans kickstarted a massive celebration – and of course – drank beer, lots of it. Moscow ran out of beer supply to serve the celebrating Swedes. Fans had started to drink even before the start of the match.

Some brewers like Baltika and Heineken shared that their business is running well despite the huge demand by soccer fans.

“There is beer everywhere, some places yes, some places no, you just need to know where to find it’,’ said a Croatian soccer fan. Wise words.

Since the FIFA fans started flocking to Russia, the streets are packed with locals and tourists celebrating till the wee hours of the night. Clean up crews are busy cleaning the trash on the pavements as a result of wild celebration by fans following Russia’s unexpected victory against Spain.

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