Government authorities at the French Riviera city of Cannes are working on banning certain cruise ships from its port. A new legislation may be introduced that places a restriction on cruise ships.  David Lisnard, the mayor of Cannes ordered a study to be conducted on the impact of the cruise ships on the local ecosystem. The results raised enough concern for the officials to go ahead with the move. 

New cap on fuel emissions for cruises

Cannes is the fourth-busiest port in France. It welcomed 370,000 cruise ship passengers in 2018. The ban will apply to passenger vessels that do not meet a 0.1 per cent sulfur cap in their fuel emissions. Further, if any cruise ship makes an attempt to enter the port without meeting the set standards, they will be turned away without allowing passengers to disembark. 

Panoramic aerial view of Cannes, France.

Mayor Lisnard said, “It’s not about being against cruise ships. It’s about being against pollution. I said that we will no longer accept tour buses and cruise ship passengers on the ground coming from polluting cruise ships.”

Cruises need to be more environment-friendly 

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is one of the biggest cruise lines operating in Cannes. Additionally, the company is responsible for 40 per cent of total passenger ship traffic. Due to this, Lisnard and Norwegian officials have reached an agreement. If the cruise line wants to continue serving the port it will have to become more environmentally friendly.  

“Regulations have been improved and have been coming with the introduction of new technologies to make the engine more efficient and reduce the emissions,” Lisnard said.

The French city, Saint-Raphael, has instituted similar rules to curb water pollution around the city. While these two French ports have curbed cruise ships citing concerns over pollution, other European cities have limited cruise ships because of over-tourism. Santorini in Greece has imposed a maximum of 8,000 cruise ship passengers per day. Earlier this year, the city of Venice, Italy, banned large cruise ships from its historic centre.



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