London will be hosting a cat festival dedicated to all things feline next month. Cat-lovers can attend CatFest 2018 that will take place at The Oval on 14 July.

Said to be a “stylish and entertaining event, where cat-mad people can meet other cat-mad people while helping rescue cats and promoting veganism,” the cat festival is also a chance for people to browse for unique and hard-to-find cat products and accessories.

Person holding group of a little cats in arms.
Attendees can meet writers, animal experts, as well as have a chance to adopt their own cats at the cat festival

There will be cat-related books, art, cocktails, and vegan street food. Cat videos and films will also be screened at the festival. Festival-goers can also attend inspiring talks by bestselling writers, animal experts, and activists. These include Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson (author of The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats), Giles Clark (from BBC’s Big Cats About the House), and Gwen Cooper (who wrote Homer’s Odyssey).

Be Purr-fectly Delighted With This Cat Festival
Funny cat festival
Guests can get pampered at the Glamour Puss beauty bar

Guests dress up in costumes and visit the Glamour Puss beauty bar, or play cat bingo. Thay can also get a tarot card reading from London-based psychic, Mystic Mog (Jacqui Cosham).

An onsite adoption lounge, called the Meow Parlour, will be sponsored by the charity Feline Friends and looks to raise awareness about welfare efforts and help cats in need.  The rescue cats will be brought by the ACE Dog, Cat & Kitten Rescue. A portion of the festival ticket price will be donated to this charity. Additional funds raised at raffles and competitions will be used to help Moroccan street cats.

Tickets are currently sold out for London’s cat festival. But, more will be available on the day of the event at the Oval Space box office. More information is available at the CatFest official website.


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