World of Heritage

Explore The Fascinating Heritage Of France

France is full of amazing historical and heritage sites, it can be hard to list them all. From fascinating ancient cities to medieval monasteries and everything in between, it is truly a unique destination.

World of Heritage – Jordan

At the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, sits the small country of Jordan, which has attracted powerful kingdoms for millennia. Located on the banks of the Jordan River, it is famous for its many ancient monuments.

World of Heritage – Israel

Though it is seen as a religious destination, Israel has much more to offer. It is full of historic sites and rich culture, so be sure to see all the amazing sights across the country.

World of Heritage – Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan should be at the top of your travel list. It is filled with amazing historic buildings, lavish palaces and centuries of history, all without the hassle of massive tourist crowds!

World of Heritage – Spain

With such diverse cultures and regions, visiting Spain is like visiting lots of different countries. From medieval castles to whimsical modernist churches, Spain has it all.

World of Heritage – Cambodia

Cambodia is an amazing country known for its religious sites that are built on a massive scale. Inspired by many cultures, be sure to visit and see everything this vibrant country has to offer.

World of Heritage – Turkey

Modern Turkey is the heart of one of the earliest human settlements. Starting from the advent of Greeks, it was later colonized by Romans and renamed Constantinople, a name whose fame spread far and wide. It then became the...

World of Heritage – Morocco

When you think of the North African Mediterranean country of Morocco, Moroccan slippers and carpets might cross your minds. But how much do we know of the cultural and heritage sites of Morocco? In this episode of the World of...

World of Heritage – Peru

When it comes to the South American country of Peru, nearly everyone would be aware of the famous Macchu Picchu. This wondrous city on top of the mountains with its tragic decline catches most travellers' fancy. But look beyond...

Discover The Heritage Of Central And Southern India

When you visit India, you will find history, culture, and heritage strewn on all sides.In this video, we explore the must-see heritage sites in south, west, east and central India. The wealth of South Indian culture delightfully reflects in...

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