Japan Airlines has introduced a new tool for all its passengers, that allows one to dodge seats close to infants. This new addition to the seat-selection map helps determine where an infant is seated with a “child icon” placed over the seat. 

Japan airlines aeroplane at frankfurt airport Germany.

Haven’t we all wished to have chosen a seat far away from the cribbing and crying infant on a long haul flight? Well, Japan airlines have answered our prayers by introducing a tool on their seat selection platform, allowing passengers to choose their seat based on the location of infants on the flight. Even though this is a fantastic invention by the Japanese airline, the company does warn travellers that this is not a fool-proof plan.

As explained by the airlines’ website, “passengers travelling with children between 8 days and 2 years old who select their seat on the JAL website will have child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen, tickets purchased or selected through a third-party website, will not have the icon carried over.  

Japan Airlines also provides extra amenities for kids

Known for its parent-friendly environment, Japan Airlines has always provided extra amenities for new parents and families with young kids, while travelling. Priority Boarding, bottle-warming service, free stroller storage and playful kids meals are among many of the amenities offered to travellers with infants.

However, this new feature by JAL has other airlines, especially in the U.S that are considering opening a family section, where people travelling with small children can elect to sit in a designated area, separate from the other passengers. With one passenger of Qatar taking to twitter with the new and helpful feature by Japan Airline, the conversation has sparked about whether this feature should be made “mandatory across the board”, attracting both tweets of support and urges of tolerance by passenger towards those with infants and children.  

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What do you think? Should airlines consider making “child icons” a feature on their seat selection maps? Let us know below. 


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