The days of “what happens here, stays here” may be numbered in Las Vegas. The city might be changing its famous slogan after Steven Tyler led a chant with a new twist during a gig in Nevada last week. For almost two decades, those five words served as Las Vegas’s mantra of excess, especially when official tourism slogans have been so widely recognized. 

The catchy and controversial one-liner encouraged and empowered tourists to behave in a way they would have never dared back home, but there has been rumbling along the strip that the slogan may soon change to something a little different reported USA Today. “What happens here only happens here” is rumoured to become the new catchphrase. The slogan that was softly unveiled at an Aerosmith concert at the Park Theater on November 19th, 2019, lead singer Steven Tyler lead the crowd in a call-and-response, saying “When I say, What Happens Here, you say, Only Happens Here”.

Alongside a teaser on the band’s Instagram account, it has prompted speculation that Sin City will alter its motto as part of a new advertising campaign.

The post seems to bear similarities to social media posts shared by other stars believed to be appearing in new commercials for Visit las Vegas. With Felloe Vegas resident musician Brain Newman shared on Instagram that “working on something big with @Vegas”, implicating a considerable change underway at the sin city. 

If the brand identity revamps do come across next month, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority will be adapting to the change 17 years later since the ‘What happens here, stays here’ slogan was coined. When reached for comment, the ad agency behind the tourism board told DailyMail, that “what happens here, still stays here. The rest you’ll have to wait to find out on January 26th, 2020”.


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