Dandeli, a small town in North Karnataka, known for the plethora of adventure sports and activities it has to offer, is all set to welcome its second river park along the Kali river at Bailpar. Aimed at attracting more tourists, the river park will be established by the Forest Department. Dandeli’s present river park, Moulangi Eco Park, is located around 6kms away from the main town and is a major tourist attraction.

Seeing the kind of demand that exists for river parks, officials have set out to create a second one. Discussing the same, a forest official has highlighted how picnic spots along the river Kali attract tourists who are on their way to visit the Ulavi temple, which is in proximity to Dandeli as they stop by to bathe in the river. Tourists may also be interested in water sports at the new park but officials have said that there are no plans for the same as yet. However, a separate swimming area will be created to ensure the visitors can safely swim in the river.


Other Attractions in Dandeli

Dandeli is a great holiday destination for tourists on the lookout for an interesting tryst with nature. Located along the banks of the Kali river, Dandeli’s attractions also include nature walks, white water rafting, kayaking, camping and jungle safari’s. The best time to visit the place depends on what kind of activity one is seeking out. Summer works the best for river rafting while the monsoons are ideal for tourists to soak in the lush greenery in the town.

There are several resorts in the small town that offer accommodation to tourists along with packages that include outdoor activities in and around the town. Reaching Dandeli isn’t too much of a struggle with frequent buses and trains available. Travelling by air is also an option; the Hubli airport is the closest to Dandeli and is located about 75kms away from the town.

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