Disney Halloween Plans 2018: California is set to trick or treat

Get set for some excitement as Disney Halloween Plans 2018 have already been announced! Halloween at the Disneyland California Adventure Park will be celebrated from September 9th to October 31st.

The Disney Halloween plans 2018 include MICKEY’S HALLOWEEN PARTY – a special event occurring only on this special spooky night, bringing with it spooky headless horseman rides, frightfully fun parade, Villain’s square, Trick or treating and much, much more. The sky will also light up as Disney plans to unleash it special Halloween scream fireworks.

The spookiest surprises!

Ghoulish Good Times Décor will bring out the spookiest surprises as the bombastic bogeyman from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is going to cast a shadowy eye on passers-by from atop the main-gate marquee.

Disneyland in Anaheim, USA. Disney Halloween plans 2018
Disneyland in Anaheim, USA. It was founded by Walt Disney
Intriguing guided tours as part of Disney Halloween Plans 2018

Visitors can even meet a character from the Haunted Mansion! Sharing ghost stories around the adventure park and trick or treating are going to be a part of the intriguing guided tour this year. Scary creatures, Halloween themed souvenirs and other creepy merchandise are going to be the part of your dreadful delights at Disneyland Resort.

There will be ”Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy” on September 7th, the spooky universe on board a rocket dashing to the darkest compasses of space. In this thrilling ride, you will be selected to examine a frightening thing inside the darkest places of Space Mountain. Yet, when your starship turns out to be bafflingly controlled by something vile, your voyage brings a sudden twist into a dark realm.

Note that the separate ticket is required for this special party event Click here for details on reservations, confirmations, checking in, costume guidelines and more

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