Jetblue flight crew comes to rescue of a dog on a flight 

Jetblue dog on a flight

A JetBlue crew heroicly came to the rescue of a dog on a flight by using an oxygen mask. Recently, Michele Burt was on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts with her French bulldog, Darcy. However, once in the air, the dog started showing signs of distress and didn’t look too well.

The 3-year-old bulldog’s tongue began to turn blue and she was having trouble with breathing. The dog was experiencing hypoxia, a condition caused by lack of oxygen that can affect those in the air if they are not aware of the effects of decreased oxygen pressure at high altitude. French Bulldogs have short snouts and are especially susceptible to breathing problems, even having been banned of flights by some airlines.

Jetblue flight crew’s attentiveness  saved a dog on a flight 

Crew members Renaud Fenster and Diane Asher noticed that the dog was not well. It started panting heavily. As an owner of French bulldog himself, Fenster brought some ice thinking that the dog is overheated but it didn’t seem to help. He realised that he heed to use oxygen to save the dog, which was suffering from hypoxia. He asked the captain about using an oxygen mask for the dog. When the captain gave the “Go ahead” signal, he gave Burt an oxygen mask to place on the dog.

“I placed the mask over her face, and within a few minutes she became alert; and after a short time, she didn’t want the mask. I believe Renaud and Diane [flight attendants] saved a life, some may reduce the value of the life because Darcy is a canine, I do not,” shared Michele Burt.

The story of the bulldog being treated by flight attendants has been circulating all over social media. It is especially heartwarming as it is more common to hear stories of pets dying due to lack of care on airplanes.

The dog’s owner thanked JetBlue for their flight attendant’s quick response which saved her dog’s life. Jetblue said in a statement that they are glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed.

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