Dominica Asks Travelers To Come Help Rebuild

Dominica is currently in the process of recovering post the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the intense tropical cyclone that hit the Atlantic in 2017. The country has started new “voluntourism” packages and programs to aid in this mission, along with help from other Caribbean nations.

While electricity has returned, and houses have been rebuilt, the Dominica tourism board has declared only 19 of the country’s major attractions, including like Trafalgar Falls and the Emerald Pool, as open.

The Emerald Pool is among the attractions that are open

Colin Piper, CEO of the Discover Dominica Authority, has said of the country that “We’re not rebuilt, we are rebuilding,” and encourages those who are attracted by meaningful travel to go to Dominica through this new program.

Offered through various tour operators and hotels, the voluntourism program invites travelers to help in the clean-up of various sites, including the Indian River and the Waitukubuli National Trail. Piper has said that “we have gotten a lot of interest from travelers … willing to come and be a part [of this process]”

Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria

Dominica was hit hard by the category 5 hurricane which took the lives and businesses of many citizens. However, the country has slowly been getting back on its feet. In December 2017 it welcomed the first cruise ship – the Sea Cloud II – back to the island, even though many had written it off for the 2017-18 season. It has since received 16 more cruise calls.

The Indian River is one of the places that volunteer tourists will help clean

While most of the island reopens to visitors, regular regional and international flights have also begun to operate out of Douglas Charles and Canefield airports.

As Colin Piper says, “Come if meaningful travel appeals to you … In doing so we will both be the richer for it because the experience in Dominica will change you.”


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