After an intruder tried to illegally scale the Eiffel Tower, the monument was evacuated and closed down on Monday. The man refused to come down for several hours. A special firefighter climber unit was deployed to bring the man down; and after police negotiations, he finally surrendered, reported Time. His motives still continue to remain unclear. On Monday night, officials clarified that the man was “under control and out of danger.”

The Eiffel Tower management authorities revealed that the man stopped scaling the tower just below the third level (the highest level of the structure) and remained there. Officials have not released any details about his identity. But, they have ruled out the fact that the incident might have been a prank or a challenge.

Security agents first saw the man climbing the tower from the second floor in the early afternoon on May 20. This triggered an operation which led to the evacuation of 2,500 visitors at the monument, including people dining on the second level.

Rescue Operation at Eiffel Tower

Several hours into the incident, passers-by could see the rogue climber on the iron works of the iconic monument while a rescuer dressed in red persuaded him to get down.  Given the structure’s intense security system, the authorities have called the incident a “rare occurrence.”

Officials confirmed that tower would reopen and resume its daily functions on Tuesday. They also promised a reimbursement to all those individuals who had reserved tickets in advance but could not enter the tower because of the incident.

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In the Eiffel Tower’s long history, many people have made attempts to scale the 81 storeyed structure. Back in 2015, a British free runner James Kingston also boldly climbed the tower without any safety ropes; neither did he get any official permission. He was seen dodging security cameras as he attempted his stunt.


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