Eiffel Tower to close amidst fear of fresh riots in Paris

The Eiffel Tower of Paris, one of the most iconic monuments in the world will remain closed on Saturday [08-12-2018], over fears of fresh riots in Paris. An agitated group of workers, now being called, “Yellow Vests” have been protesting against the French government against several economic issues.

In order to calm the angry protestors, the French government came to the decision of scrapping the fuel tax increases in its budget. However, other economic issues in-hand have led to a broader discontent with the French government, leading to an increase in protests.

According to Agence France Presse, the French police have urged restaurants and shops on the Champs-Elysees Avenue and other streets to close down on Saturday as a precaution.

Speaking to AFP, a source from the ministry stated that the authorities were preparing themselves for a possible severe violence on Saturday. The official also stated that they have gathered several hints that indicate that the protestors from the far right and the far left plan to gather at Paris.

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe addressed senators and stated that over 65,000 police forces will be deployed across France as a countermeasure to avoid violence seen in the last week. Paris alone will have over 8000 police forces deployed.

Famous Opera houses, Garnier and Bastille, have taken the decision to cancel all performances scheduled for Saturday. However, two other main attractions in Paris, the Louvre and Orsay museums are weighing the decision to close down on Saturday.

Translation: On December 6, 2018, the French Police held a meeting with Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris & Chair of C40 and other officials about the measures that will be implemented next Saturday in Paris.

What are people saying on Twitter about the riots in France?

A Twitterati by the name Chris Marshall tweeted:

“Such a shame the protest has reached this level!”

Twitterati Taitamco Muddy Sands tweeted:

“One thing is certain in France: Tax VOLATILITY !! The rest is conjecture.”

Another Twitterati by the name Jason Moyer said:

“History has taught us that a centralized Europe never works”


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