The End Of The Bathtub In Indian Hotels

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a bathtub at five-star hotels in India, you may be in for a shock. The Indian government’s new guidelines for a five-star hotel room no longer mandate having a bathtub in the bathroom.

Bathtubs have long been a mark of luxury in India, predating modern plumbing. In Mughal times, carved stone tubs were a staple in the palaces of the emperors. This luxury is one that has long been a part of Indian hotels, especially in lavish heritage hotels.

The Taj Gateway in crowded Mumbai, India

This change reflects a global trend, where hotel bathtubs are increasingly being found obsolete, especially in cities. These hotels cater more to business travelers than to those looking for a vacation.

No More Bathtubs In 5-Star Hotels?

The trend reflects a global move away from hotel bathtubs, particularly in city locations. Research has found that busy travelers often prefer a quick shower to a long soak in the tub. Fewer than 10% of bathtubs in city hotels are used, which means that these hotels are spending money on the installation and maintenance of something that is ultimately purely decorative.

A heritage resort in Jaipur, India

The move away from bathtubs also allows the hotels to maximize on floor space, especially in cities with less space and more expensive real estate. Many hotels are choosing to opt for shower-only layouts in new properties, and some are evening removing tubs in older hotels to gain more floor space.

Showers also help in water conservation, as they use a fifth of the water in a typical tub. They also don’t require as much heating, saving money on energy bills. However, many larger leisure hotels and resorts, mostly situated outside crowded cities, will likely continue to offer luxurious tubs.


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