Due to an increase in the popularity of working remotely, people are no able to travel the world while keeping a steady job. Because of online freelancing, mobile tech, and co-working spaces, for these digital nomads, the world is their office. Estonia is planning to draw such travellers with their new digital nomad work visa.

The European country is already known for being a hub for tech careers. It even runs an “e-Residency” programme for entrepreneurs who want to access their services and start a business within the European Union. The new visa will allow people from all over the world to come to the country to work and travel for 365 days.

Angla windmill in Leisi Parish, Estonia - digital nomad work visa
Angla windmill in Leisi Parish, Estonia

Having stepped out of the shadow of the erstwhile Soviet Union, Estonia had embraced its European roots. Its capital city of Tallinn is one of the most captivating in the world. In a continent that is often crowded with tourists, Estonia’s sparsely populated countryside and large forests provide a true getaway for nature-lovers.

Estonia’s Digital Nomads

Estonia’s membership with the European Union also means that these digital nomads will have access to the 26 other member states of the Schengen Area. This common visa, however, will only last 90 days.

The Medieval Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia - digital nomad work visa
The Medieval Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia

The new digital nomad visa will be created along with Jobbatical, a company which helps connect people with jobs from around the world. According to one of their surveys, digital nomads find visas one of their biggest barriers to working in a different country each year. These people, who do most of their work online, are free to do so from any location in the world.

The definite definition of a digital nomad for the visa, along with how exactly it will work, still remains unclear at this point. The Estonian Ministry of the Interior has said that it is still in the preparatory phase, with exact criteria still being studied.

You can apply for Visa here.

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