Nearly 17 people were injured by an explosion in Egypt that was targeted at a tour bus on its way to the Giza Pyramids on 19 May. The bus was transporting 25 South African citizens when a sudden explosion near the bus wounded several passengers and damaged the windshield of a vehicle nearby, reports CNN. An eye witness at the scene recounted the incident saying, “The bus was hit but it didn’t look like it exploded. They were all minor injuries and nothing serious.”

Ten injured tourists and seven Egyptians were taken to the Al-Haram Hospital for treatment. A medical doctor, Ahmed Bassiouny, at the hospital confirmed that ten of the patients had left the hospital post-treatment, while seven were transferred to another hospital.

Response to the explosion near the Giza Pyramids

Rania A. Al Mashat, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, also addressed the situation in a twitter post, calling it a minor explosion. She wrote, “Of the 28 passengers on the bus we can confirm some minor injuries with three being treated at the hospital as a precaution.”

Cairo Giza Pyramids Egypt
View of the Pyramids of Giza from Egypt’s capital, Cairo

The South African government also released an official statement; it said the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Lindiwe Sisulu, had been informed about the incident. “Initial media reports suggest that South Africans might be among the injured. The 24-hour operational centre has been activated. South Africa’s Ambassador Vusi Mavimbela and his team in Egypt are engaging with authorities including visiting hospitals to verify the information.”

There has been no information released on the individuals responsible for the explosion. This attack comes hot on the heels of a similar attack on tourists in Egypt back in December. Three Vietnamese tourists and an Egyptian tour guide were killed; while 11 people were injured when a bomb struck a tourist bus near Giza.


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