FIFA World Cup Fans Are Being Cautioned To Avoid Russia’s Wi-Fi

A security site named FireEye cautioned travellers that there was a “mounting proof that a Russian hacking bunch known as APT28 (or Fancy Bear) had been focusing on hotel visitors through hacked lodging Wi-Fi networks.” Although those incidents happened a year ago, Security organizations are still alert and they have been found to be cautioning the travellers, especially those travelling for the FIFA World Cup this year, about the presence of malignant content through Russia’s Wi-Fi networks.

Airport Platov, built for the FIFA World Cup 2018
Airport Platov, built for the FIFA World Cup 2018, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Fifa world cup fans who have been planning the trip to Russia are advised to take a couple of moments to keep your personal gadgets (cell phone, tablets, pen drives, USBs) and records safe while abroad. The National Cyber Security Centre recently gave a warning and recommended travellers to use pay-as-they-go gadgets and avoid public Wi-Fi (Instead, use secured mobile data). NCSC also recommends not sharing personal gadgets with anybody; and to be “mindful” with IT-related gifts, for example, USB sticks and pen drives.

Take these precautionary steps:
  • Travellers can use two-factor authentications provided by many emails and social media providers to avoid unnecessary data breach into your personal information.
  • Do not download apps from unofficial providers. Netflix and Amazon might not work abroad, so download the movies before you go and avoid streaming using untrustworthy network providers.
  • Use charge card instead of a debit card if you want to check into hotels.

Enjoy the tournament but don’t forget to develop these cyber security habits while travelling abroad.


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