The first off-the-grid adventure destination has opened in the Australian state of Victoria. Located on the Great Ocean Road, the Live Wire Park is nestled amongst the towering trees in Otway National Park.

The Live Wire Park is billed as the ultimate adventure experience for people of all ages and designed to have the least impact on the environment. This sustainable business uses solar-generated electricity, water collected on-site, and waste treatment methods.

Ziplining will be available at the venue
Activities Available

Visitors can engage in numerous activities, from a 525 meter-long ‘Shockwave’ zip line, to leisurely walks among the breath-taking native Blue Gums. If you want to challenge yourself, you can even go on the high-intensity Super Circuit. Comprised of 53 challenging activities, all completed while suspended in the air, it truly tests your endurance.

There is also an obstacle course for children

While swinging on ropes, scaling trees, or bungee jumping, participants are also asked to solve puzzles and brain teasers! A similar Short Circuit experience for children has an obstacle course with 26 activities

The Live Wire Park is run by locals and is a family-owned business. They are extremely concerned about the environment and sharing the wonders of Otway’s National Park in a sustainable manner.

View from the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

Further along the Great Ocean Road, you can find a similar experience at Otway Fly. They offer rainforest walks, zip-wiring, and a 600 meter-long Tree Top Walk. There is also the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, and the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk at Walpole-Nornalup National Park Western Australia, which are among the most spectacular walks in the country.


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