At least nine people have reportedly died after heavy rains took over the European coast as significant flooding affected parts of France, Italy and Greece. It left behind a “trail of biblical destruction in some areas of the country”, as described a Greek Newspaper. 

Victims were found in cars that were swept off the road by the floods. The heavy rains trapped some people in their cars killing at least four people in France. In some parts of the country, the equivalent of two or three months worth of rain fell in just 24 to 48 hours. Officials called the rainfall “historic” as the damage was significant. With rivers rising more than 20 feet on some banks, the rain also resulted in the collapse of various bridges and highways across the European coast. 

The worst flood occurred at the seaside resort of Kineta, where mudslides came from nearby forest fire-damaged hillside. Several dozen people trapped in their cars and in flood homes were rescued by the Fire Service. Members of the French civil defence took part in rescue operations in a number of flooded areas around Cannes and other coastal towns. Jean-Luc Videlaine, the perfect for the Var region, said the rain has been of “historic” intensity and there was considerable damage. 

The flooding is not a product of climate change, but a phenomenon known as Cevenols.

Jean-Pierre Hameau of Meteo France said the storms and flooding should not be blamed on climate change. Hameau said the phenomenon, known in France as cëvenols, was relatively frequent in the region. What usually occurs in September and October is associated with the warmth of the region and the rising hot air in the souths, however the increase in the intensity of rains this year was “abnormal”. 

Meanwhile, in Greece, two people died when their sailboat was caught up in bad weather, another downed, while she was swimming off the island of Kos and hundreds of homes west of Athens, were flooded during the storm. What started a month ago in Venice as the seasonal “acqua alta” (or high water) resulted in uncharacteristically massive flooding where the city declared a state of emergency.

However, the floods now spreading across the European coastal region, the collapse of several roadways, highways and river banks has raised a further investigation into the safety of the local population.


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