Direct flights to Chengdu: British Travellers can get Closer to Cuddly Pandas

The fastest growing city of Sichuan province in China – Chengdu is known for the cute giant creatures that inhabit the Chengdu Panda Base. British travellers will be able to catch a glimpse of cuddly Pandas after the launch of direct flights to Chengdu Airport.

Fly from Gatwick to Chengdu with Air China

Air China will begin a non-stop service between Gatwick – the major airport in southeast England to Chengdu. Chengdu is also a major transport hub in the entire region. The airline will use Airbus A330-300 for the connection, it will take off from London three times a week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays). The direct flights to Chengdu are the first non-stop connection between London and Chengdu since the incident when British Airways had to cancel its flights from Heathrow in January 2017 due to cabin crew walkout.

flights to Chengdu, Baby panda resting on a tree, Chengdu Panda Base, China
Baby panda resting on a tree, Chengdu Panda Base, China

“Chengdu is a strategically important destination and a major logistical hub, so this new route, the UK’s only direct flight opens up a range of opportunities throughout central and western China, be it by air, road or rail.” says chief commercial officer Stephenson, The Gatwick Airport is happy to receive the news. Source: Media centre Airport Gatwick

Why take flights to Chengdu?

The panda capital of China is attracting a massive number of tourists lately. There is a significant rise in percentage despite the tough competition among other popular Asian tourist hubs like Bali and Thailand. The city has better laid-back scenes than Beijing and Shanghai.

The Non-profit research and breeding facility – The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base or the Chengdu panda base located in Sichuan, close to the town, is a research centre and a breeding facility for pandas and other rare species. The centre is open to the public and you can interact with different types of Pandas.

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