Camping in jungles, staying in waterbodies, all of this is normal – but as separate activities. However, there is something new in store for nature lovers. If you wish to have a lazy weekend in your bed, then why not do the same in a beautiful location on floating tents. Yes, you heard right – tents that float on water! This is where Moonstone Hammock comes in.

Moonstone Hammock is a travel company that organises unique camping trips. Moonstone was founded by Rohit Dube, Pratik Jain, Megh Doshi, Abhishek Dabholkar and Pradeep Chaudhary in March 2016. They are all travellers themselves and work on making people experience life far from chaos and close to nature while giving them a chance to meet and interact with new people. They have come up with the idea of floating tents now.

A beautiful campsite in the district of Karjat in Maharashtra is a place for any nature lover. A number of activities are arranged for guests there to enjoy their stay. Activities include Foos Ball Tables, TIC TAC TOES, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton etc. Besides sleeping inside floating tents guests can also choose to spend their nights inside tree hanging tents.

Floating tents
Gone are those days where the ground was the only base used to set up tents.

You can party there, set up bonfires and enjoy a barbeque. Those who are cinema lovers can also enjoy a movie on request. Imagine being under the stars, in your blanket and your favourite movie playing. What else can you wish for?

Additional Information About Floating Tents:

The fabric used to make these tents is high-quality water resistant and are pitched on the raft for people who are interested in water camping. Two people can easily accommodate in these tents. Foams and pillows are provided in the tents but it’s better to carry a blanket with you. It can get chilly as the location is surrounded by water.


  • The CHECK IN time is 11:00 AM and Check OUT time is 10:00 AM.
  • This camping group provides the best location to camp. During rains, live streams and waterfalls are visible in the vicinity.
  • The location is surrounded by hills from three sides.
  • There are dedicated toilets for every tent.
  • 5000 sq feet of community and dining area.
  • Trek to nearby waterfalls and night trek in the jungle is a part of the activities.
  • You can select the movies you wish to watch on selected days.

What are you waiting for? Do the bookings and convert your lazy weekend into something much more relaxing and filled with excitement.


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