There is a new attraction at Cancun, a popular Mexican party hotspot. Called the “Float Fun Cancún”, the new floating water park in Cancun is located at Langosta beach.

It is run by Wibit Sports, a well known German aquatic playground company which operates more than 500 parks in 80 countries. “Float Fun Cancún” is the company’s fourth addition to its facilities in Mexico. The previous attractions include the Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and Bucerias.

Float fun Cancún water park in cancun Mexico
Float Fun Cancún on Langosta beach, Cancun, Mexico. (Image via Mexico Daily News)

This is the first floating water park in Cancun, a vibrant Mexican city famous for its white sand beaches and balmy weather. Its salsa clubs, open bars, and live music bands also attract lots of tourists, making it a popular party destination. This new addition is sure to bring in many more visitors.

New Floating Water Park in Cancun 

However, many locals and environmentalists were unhappy with the opening of this water park in Cancun. They believe it will cause major damage to the seabed beneath. There is also the fear that it will result in the privatization of Langosta beach.

Playa del Carmen beach in Cancun, Riviera Maya in Mexico
New water parks may soon open at Playa del Carmen beach in Cancun

These concerns led to the inflatable water park being temporarily closed until 15 July. Nonetheless, Wibit Sports has received all the permits and environmental impact assessments needed to install equipment on the beach. The inflatable park is said to be made of a low-impact system designed to leave the seabed and the animal life undisturbed.

Wibit Sports was initially planning to open parks ar 13 different sites in Cancún. However, only four were approved by the federal authority due to environmental concerns. Two will be located at Chac Mool beach and Plaza Forum, while more will open at Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

To find out more about the  “Float Fun Cancún” new floating water park in Cancun, visit their official website.


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