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Are you are ready to pack your bags any time? Do you have a hunger for last minute adventures? Would you mind travelling the whole world with a stranger? Then hold your breath for the jaw-dropping moment of the year because Tour Radar, tour company, is ready to give you wings for that “go-getter” attitude by giving away a free trip around the world. This trip promises to be full of surprises where you need not pay much mind to any travelling factors – including what to do before leaving, your budget, itinerary etc.

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Here are some thrilling insights & quick updates on every detail you should know about the contest. Register, pack your bags, pause your daily clock for roughly 2 months and head towards a journey which will not only give you memories like any other trip but will reward, promote, and motivate you at every step.

Tour the World Campaign by Tour Radar

Why is the contest unique and exciting?

One of the world’s largest online travel agency for multi-day tours, Tour Radar is looking for two complete strangers who are willing to travel together on the trip of a lifetime. This is a part of its Tour the World campaign across five different continents. If you are selected, you get to experience multi-day tours in different countries. Parallelly, your journey will be shared on social media platforms through a video crew dedicated to you and your stranger-partner (*Wow*).

Two strangers travelling the world

The hidden bliss in this world tour campaign!

There’s a reason why everyone calls “everyday” life as “the grinding wheel ”(*Blah*). That safe, predictable routine that you rely upon can start dominating you, dimming your motivation and bringing your spirit to some neutral point.

Hence ‘Tour the world’ campaign is gonna be that unpredictable jump that you so desire. The contest is designed to pick you up and leave you at places to record a journey of a lifetime. You might be soaking up the sun at a beach or hiking up a mountain. You won’t know till you actually do it! So this is a chance to soak up as much as you can across the globe before the wheel of time takes the moment away from you.

Multi-day touring - free world tour

What is so rollicking about multi-day Touring?

Multi-day touring (meaning lasting for more than 1 day) is one of the easiest way possible for any traveller to experience the whole world in a relatively short amount of time. ”TourRadar is majorly aiming to create the ultimate trip of a lifetime for two strangers who will inspire each other to engage in life-enriching experiences through multi-day touring,” said CEO of Tour Radar Travis Pittman.

This is definitely the platform to hear your own inner voice, as well as receive energies from multiple environments. A new situation will give you an idea of discovering what really matters to you.

And that’s not all! To motivate your passion to travel, and explore without any hindrance, a professional film crew will also follow the two lucky winners and their worldwide adventures to create some amazing content for TourRadar’s social media and other marketing channels. Now that’s something really cool, isn’t it?

Strangers Squad travelling - free world tour

Any Surprises for the Strangers SQUAD?

Close to stranger danger OR closer to finding yourself?

Apart from not knowing each other, the two newly chosen participants will have no clue at all where they are going until their flights are booked (*yay*). All they will know is that they will be travelling to five different continents and the trip will take approx 50 to 60 days to complete, confirmed one of the sources from tour radar.

The airfares, accommodations, expenses, meals will be completely taken care of. They will also help you with visa processes.

The future is calling! Ready?

To be considered for this epic, unforgettable journey, the interested travellers need to submit a two-minute-long video expressing why they should be chosen for the Tour to experience the World by March 24th.

Winners will be announced in April and the classic experience commences in May.

How to Apply

Grab your passport and get on board this epic adventure of a lifetime. You just need a passport that will remain valid till the year 2020 at least, and a go-getter, crazy attitude that will help your video stand out amongst others!

You can log on to Tour The World Campaign and send in your applications.

So, if you’re a collector or conformist, Thrillseeker or escapist, you can keep aside your stereotypical travel school guides and get ready to hunt the world, because if you’re up for anything, Tour radar is certainly your next platform to rise and shine before the world.

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    • Hi Simran, As per Tour Radar’s FAQ section, The exact dates will be revealed only in April 2019, but you’ll be away from May until mid-July, and you’ll be travelling for approximately two months. Travel dates cannot be modified.


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