Game of Thrones Returns to Seville For Season 8

The beauty of Spain has long made it a favorite destination for filmmakers to use as a location on film or TV. The hugely popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones has followed suit.

Game of Thrones has used Spain as locations for various fictional destinations, especially in Seville and the nearby Santiponce. Seville’s medieval Alcázar Palace were both heavily featured in previous seasons as the Water Gardens of Dorne. The Reales Atarazanas (Royal Shipyards) along with the ancient Roman amphitheater at Itálica together became the Dragonpit at King’s Landing.

Seville Game of Thrones
The Anfiteatro Itálica in Seville will be closed while filming takes place

This Westerosi landmark was originally built by the conquering Targaryens, themselves often compared to the Ancient Romans. It was where Daenerys and Jon met Cersei to negotiate an alliance against the Army of the Dead in Season 7.

The Itálica Will Reopen After Filming Completes on Game of Thrones Final Season

The ancient Roman site is now once again being used as a film location for the upcoming final season of the show. Lasting from May 3 to 19 it was the longest shoot in Seville. However, the Atarazanas that were also used for the Dragon pit were inaccessible due to restoration work.

Seville Game of Thrones
The amphitheater was used as the King’s Landing Dragonpit (Image: HBO)

Numerous main cast members have been spotted at the site by fans, but with no call for extras needed for battles or ceremonies, it begs the question: what is happening in the Dragonpit that will take so long to film but won’t require anyone but the cast?

Most of the site at Itálica will remain closed until the 27 of May. However, sites outside the amphitheater will open for certain periods from 19 May. The entire site will open and resume normal timings from 29 May.

More information can be found here. Game of Thrones Season 8 will air in 2019.


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