Fall Asleep Under The Stars In The Gorafe Desert

A new glass pavilion, built in the Gorafe Desert, in Granada, Spain, allows nature lovers to fall asleep under the stars. The stunning new structure, called La Casa del Desierto (the desert house), allows you to experience the beauty of the Spanish Desert.

Located in the province of Granada, Andalusia, the Coloraos de Gorafe desert is known for its gorgeous red sandstone and the myriad of unique rock formations in the area. The beautiful landscape is the perfect getaway from city life, providing a vast open space where visitors can immerse themselves in nature.

The Gorafe Desert is also home to the ‘Badlands,’ an area of extreme aridity, with ravines, canyons, gullies, and precious little vegetation. It’s considered one of the toughest and most adverse environments in Europe.

The Gorafe Desert

The glass pavilion is a collaboration between Guardian Glass and OFIS Architects, who wanted to create a comfortable home within the harsh conditions of the Spanish desert. Standing on a wooden platform, the pavilion has energy-efficient triple-glazed glass that is able to withstand the extremes of the desert climate.

Glass House in the Desert 

The house aims to demonstrate the importance of glass in our lives, and also to allow people to experience the beauty of the desert across all four seasons. Apart from the opaque glass of the bathroom, the rest of the house features an open design. It may be short on privacy, but it provides breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape.

The desert of Bardenas Reales in Navarra, northern Spain.

Its specialized glass allows the interior to stay warm in winter, and also prevents it from over-heating during the hotter months. La Casa del Desierto covers an area of 215 square feet and includes a living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The house also has a water filtration system and a mirrored porch.

The glass pavilion was unveiled earlier this month and is soon to be made available for rent through Airbnb. Visitors can stay for up to a week at a time.


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