Hawaii Remains Open to Tourists Despite the Kilauea Volcano Eruption

The latest Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii has caused havoc in residential neighbourhoods. Orange Lava shot up more than 200 feet in the air releasing a dangerous level of sulphur dioxide and lighting up electricity poles like matchsticks. With that kind of imagery, one might think that the island is potentially dangerous for a visit. However, the Hawaiian Tourism Authority assures that the Kilauea Volcano eruption will not impact visiting tourists.

Island is safe for a visit

Governor of Hawaii announced that the island is safe for tourists despite the recent volcanic eruption. Hawaii Tourism Authority CEO George D. Szigeti additionally said that travelling to and from the Hawaiian Islands is unrestricted by Kilauea Volcano eruption and that late summer vacation plans to this tropical destination ought to go off easily.

The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
No danger of emission from Kilauea Volcano eruption

Governor Ige said that the experts are telling them that there is no danger from the emissions to anybody outside the territories that have been emptied. There is no danger of a torrent. Air quality is firmly examined and is of most worry in the quick territory inside where the volcanic action is occurring.

Locals get help

The government’s first concern is for the local residents in the affected area. They are getting all accessible help from the government and authorities to recover from the havoc caused by lava and continue with their lives as best as possible.

Other islands safe from impact

Visitors to Hawai’i can be guaranteed that the volcanic action will not have any impact on the other islands – O’ahu, Maui, Moloka’i, Lāna’i and Kaua’i. Guests can book their tickets agreeable to the fact that their excursion experience will give all the pleasure they anticipate in a Caribbean vacation package. But you are advised to maintain some caution to ensure your dream vacation does not go awry.


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