Nominated as one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Lake Louise offers calmness and a pristine ambience welcoming its tourists gracefully. Blanketed in the glacier-fed regions of Canada, it is one of the mind-boggling places where one should definitely plan a visit. From natural wilderness to awe-inspiring mountains, planning a stay at Lake Louise is a bliss. And how about indulging into a wellness program in the bed of such a magnificent place?

Before we head towards unveiling the glory of wellness retreats in the bed of Lake Louise, let’s have a quick look at a few activities you can blissfully do while you are chilling in the exotic weather at Lake Louise.

Popular Attractions Near Lake Louise

Waking up at six in the morning to hit the beach is one of the most mesmerizing activities at Lake Louise. The impeccable beauty of dazzling glaciers and mystic blue skies perfectly complements the charm of the lake. If you are a night rager, you should definitely go for the night snowshoe tour. Your visit to the lake would remain incomplete without this.

And hold on, there is a lot left to explore at Lake Louise.

  • Hiking Amidst The Hilly Terrains

Visiting Lake Louise necessitates hiking activities. The snow-capped mountains embrace its tourists offering an authentic view while they hike around 3.4 km to reach Lake Agnes. Eye captivating view of clouds adjacent to the lake and the nearby waterfall is a must-do activity.

  • Ride A Horse

Walk along the trails holding a horse by your side. And why just hold when you can experience its ride in that hot summer afternoon. Be it the Brewster Adventure or the Timberline Tours, all offer you a worth-remembering ride in and around the Lake Louise.

  • Rent A Canoe

If you are someone who loves to explore more and witness the beauty closely, plan to rent a canoe to sway along with the glaciated waters and enthral your stay with the majestic view of emerald waters at Lake Louise.

However, if you are looking for something more fascinating, then plan your vacation this winter as Lake Louise gets ready to conduct a wellness retreat for all.

Starry Night over the frozen Lake Louise in winter, Banff National Park. Canada.
Starry Night over the frozen Lake Louise in winter, Banff National Park. Canada.
Sway Away This Spring

Today, we all are high in spirit, and health has emerged to be the topmost concern. Of all, yoga waves as an evolution of a beautiful gift one give to oneself.


A three-day yogic escape from the hustle bustle of daily life, Jeff May would take you to another world. The tranquil surrounding, stupefying glimpse of mountain peaks and the glittering aqua waters would entice you to stay longer. Explore the fascinating view in and around the lake while you picture your body, tone your muscles and be a yogic enthusiast.

  • MINDFULNESS & YOGA, MARCH 29-31, 2019 & APRIL 26-28, 2019:

Step back and step ahead. Go for this 2-3 day buffer that would help you delve into your mind, meditate, and refresh yourself before you start the year. Tracey Delfs would take you through the entire program. Captivating morning walks, nature talks, yogic practices and meditating in the serene surrounding, all would rejuvenate you on a whole.


Get ready to unwind secrets to a happy life. Led by Elizabeth Trinkaus, the three-day program is destined to help you get rid of that disquieting voice that refrains you from taking a step forward. Muting our inner critic is difficult but not after you return from this program. An excellent opportunity to learn dark secrets of life and base this learning to have a clear picture of the future.


Once again, Tracey Delfs is here to help you shut all stressing voices and draft a balance in your life. Come and be a part of this program to unlock happiness in your life. Techniques that help your strive towards a better life and take a sound decision. The ambient surrounding adds to the mediation and you can easily reawaken your senses and foster a better life.

So, another event to add to your bucket list. The wellness retreats the lake has in store for all would definitely attract your attention. Plan your vacation and delight yourself at Lake Louise. No doubt staying at Lake Louise and delving into the programs of yogic retreat would end up in being one of the signature experiences you would ever have in your life. The bedrock of Terrains and the still, immaculate water at Lake Louise is a plus while you dive into the wellness foundation. No less than a challenge, this spring season, Lake Louise is all set to be one of the most awaited hotspots for all tourists. An exotic experience awaits your presence!

So, What are your plans?

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