With Bihar battling yet another flood this monsoon season, the water levels in the Ganga and other rivers surged after a continued lash of heavy rains in Uttar Pradesh. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had issued a red warning for heavy rain in the state for Sunday- 29th Oct and Monday 30th Oct 2019. 

According to the forecast, the rainfall is expected to remain intense over the next 24 hours, rising water levels to close to more dangerous levels. The state till now has received 84.5 mm rainfall against the normal 5.7 mm recording the highest rainfall above 130mm in Samastipur, Bhagalpur, Begusaria and Bhojpur districts over the last 24 hours. With the loss of 29 lives reported, and massive damages to infrastructure in many districts till Sunday, Patna is also among those worst-affected with many suburban areas submerged in water that rose up to the chest. 

Bihar government has asked the Indian Air Force for two helicopters for lifting and airdropping food packets and medicines those in the flood-affected area. Dewatering machines have also been sought out by the state to help provide further relief to those affected. So far reports show that 36 boats and 75 tractors have been used in order to facilitate a rescue operation in the state capital of Patna, successfully rescuing 26,000 people.

UP Government is making the necessary arrangements to tackle any emergency situations

Uttar Pradesh Cheif Minister Yogi Adituanath said “Immediate provisions should be made to pump out water from the flooded areas, and relief materials should be provided to people affected by the flood. In view of the incessant rain, no official will be granted leave”, directing that affected families should be given immediate financial assistance in case of death of kin and officials to undertake tours of their district to make necessary arrangements on spot to tackle any emergency situation. 

With three teams of the National Disaster Response Force being deployed across the state capital, more rescue teams are expected to reach later today to provide further assistance to civilians affected by the flood. Several state-run hospitals including the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital are reported to be flooded. While heavy rain and flooding on roads led to huge traffic jams and disruption of rail traffic, videoes have been shared on social media showing the disruption the heavy rainfall is having across the state urging those affected to stay safe as they are making efforts to rescue and dewater these areas promptly.


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