How Would You Like To Get Paid To Travel The World?

It may sound like a pipe dream, but if you want to travel around the world for a year, and get paid for it, this is your chance. The Lisbon based World Life Experience is looking for people to join them on a journey of travel and discovery in 2019.

The all-expenses-paid trip is to consist of 11 participants from all around the globe, who will go to 28 destinations across five continents. The plan is to stay in each city for two weeks and engage in social and environmental activities as well as to interact with local communities and NGOs. Participants will also have time for leisure activities and tourism.

The World is Your Oyster
Participants will engage in workshops with refugees and operate in reconstruction projects

Applicants must be between 21 and 39 years old, as well as being “responsible, empathetic, thoughtful, tolerant, communicative, proactive and flexible”. They must also be willing to work as a group and share their experiences on social media. Those chosen will also receive a monthly stipend of €2500 ($3089) from World Life Experience separate from the expenses of the trip.

The first edition of the trip is currently underway, having begun in January 2018. It is taking 11 participants to three continents and has already been declared a great success. António Dias, head of World Life Experience has said that “As the participants interact with people from the places they go, they become aware of the social, environmental and cultural diversity that exists in the world.” The first group has traveled to six cities in five countries and has worked on reforestation and other environmental sustainability projects.

World Life Experience is looking for young people who are responsible, empathetic and thoughtful

Those wishing to apply for the second edition, which will last from 15 January to 27 November 2019, must know English to at least intermediate level. Applications are open until 20 July 2018.


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