The secrets to Scandinavian happiness are coveted by people around the world. Everyone is constantly wondering if the region is really as happy as official reports suggest. Famous brand IKEA is going one step further by hiring a person to find out! The furniture chain will send someone to Copenhagen on a two-week all expenses paid trip, reports Travel + Leisure.

The happiness researcher will spend their time discovering the secret to the region’s happiness. The end result will be a collection of video clips and a documentary across IKEA’s web and social channels. The selected contestant will have to be comfortable with being in front of the camera and document their honest experiences. Applicants must be 18 or over and have a command over the English language.

Perks of being the ‘happiness researcher’

The person selected for this interesting position will be provided with an apartment in Copenhagen, furnished with IKEA furniture, naturally! They will also be going on guided tours, be a part of talks from expert locals have enough time to explore the city as well. Additionally, the winner will also get a typical Danish salary during their two-week stay.

ikea happiness researcher

The website details the entire trip, letting participants know what the cons might be. “During your stay you will have to pay Danish taxes on your salary and prepare yourself for a couple of rainy days,” the website explains.

IKEA explains the motive behind choosing a happiness researcher

An IKEA representative said, “Our happiness hunter will meet many different groups of Danes as well as lifestyle experts and futurologists. The goal is to prepare the happiness hunter to answer the questions: Where does Danes’ happiness originate from? And is it related to the way the Danes live and interact with each other?”

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Scandinavia is known internationally for its high quality of life with Copenhagen being especially well off. The Danish capital is one of the ten most liveable cities in the world, according to Economist Intelligence’s Global Liveability Index 2018. The World Happiness Report ranks Denmark at number 2. By sending someone to live the Copenhagen lifestyle and experience it in the way locals would, IKEA hopes to find some clues about why the country remains so happy all the time!


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