An immersive Sherlock escape room is set to open in central London later this year. It will be based on the wildly popular British TV series Sherlock. Creators of the showMark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, have consulted the experience.

The Sherlock escape room is created by Time Run. They approached the producers of the show with the idea, which had been in the world for over a year.

Players will take the place of Sherlock Holmes to solve puzzles in the new escape room (© BBC/Sherlock)

The experience will be set after the events of the last episodes of Series 4, “The Final Problem”, and in the present day. The story involves Sherlock being out of action. This means that the participants will have to solve the problems presented to them against the clock. 

Creators Help Launch Immersive Sherlock Escape Room

As Moffat says in an interview with BuzzFeed News,  “Sherlock in the original stories are little puzzles, that’s what they are. So it is a good match for us, and it would feel properly like the show.”

Sherlock Escape Room
The promotional poster for the new Sherlock escape room (© BBC/Sherlock/Time Run)

“It’s what you want to do when you originally read the stories: be Sherlock, or certainly try and make deductions. And of course in real life you rarely get to do that, so it’s a chance to do that,” said Gatiss.

Players will be divided into teams for the 90-minute experience. They will be placed in rooms that resemble key sets from the show. The experience will also feature specially recorded audio and video of the shows’s characters. Their dialogue and storylines will be written by Moffat and Gatiss.

The immersive Sherlock escape room will open in October of this yeas, and tickets will be priced at £54. To find out more, visit the official Time Run website.

Sherlock Escape Room
BBC/Sherlock via Giphy


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