India was once the world’s fastest-growing domestic aviation market. However, as per the latest reports, the country has dropped to the fourth spot in the category reports Times of India.  The International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed global data for air travel (In August). According to this data, India saw 3.7% more domestic flyers in August 2019 over the same months last year behind 10.1% of China, 6% of Russia and 3.9% of US.

What has impacted air travel?

Air travel in India dealt with a significant blow after the closure of Jet Airways in April that had nearly 110 aircrafts. In recent months, air travel has been recovering from the incident.  Data by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) shows a U-shaped recovery from a 4.5% decline in April 2019 over the same month last year. 

Multiple issues like high-cost are affecting the industry

India had double-digit air travel growth for 4 years till 2018. Back then, India was on its way to becoming and remaining the world’s fastest-growing market. This has now become a challenge. “Infra constraints remain at all our major airports. Mumbai is choked. Delhi airport extension has started after a massive delay. Chennai needs a second airport but that’s not on the radar”, revealed an airline official. 

air travel
Jet Airways halted all flight operations in April 2019.

Several other challenges plague the airline industry. High-cost issues have always threatened Indian carriers. Kingfisher and Jet have collapsed in the past seven years and the issues that caused the collapse have not yet been resolved. Smaller airlines have also been facing issues. Infra constraints and high operating costs have consistently impacted Indian airlines. If these issues could be systematically resolved, the airline industry can work towards regaining its top position in the global market. 

According to the data, China witnessed the highest air travel demand at 10.1% in August. It was followed by Russia, which logged 6% growth during the month. 




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