Now Indian air travellers can fly from Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad airports to any domestic destination without the need for a boarding pass. This is after the Civil Authorities will be introducing a biometric-based boarding system very soon. 

The chief of the country’s airport security force told India today that they have begun “exploring the technology” that is required to usher in the boarding card-less system of air travel at 59 airports that it guards at present.

“We will try to interconnect all these things in a very integrated fashion, first on how to introduce integrated security and second how to connect existing security establishments to the same”, said the chief. The biometric-based boarding system is reportedly conducted via a facial recognition technology taking hardly two minutes to register for smooth access to the boarding gate.

Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India
The Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India

Indian Air Travellers May Soon Be Flying Without A Boarding Pass

Lately, with airlines like Vistara already experimenting with biometric systems, passengers can register to take part in the trail for the net two to three months in Delhi’s Terminal Airport 3. Similarly, the Civil Authority under its DigiYatra project will be allowing air passengers to make a new DigiYatra id by giving their voter id, driving licence, Aadhaar or passport, enabling boarding to be conducted by the ticket PNR and the passengers DigiYatra account. 

Once the new technology is implemented, paper boarding passes, along with the already, implemented self-service kiosks, paperless hang luggage tags, will become redundant. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), along with other agencies like the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and Ministry of Civil Aviation, has recently started a passenger-friendly system.

This includes doing away with tagging and stamping of hand baggage tags for both domestic and international air travellers at 17 airports in the country. This new system is expected to be launched at ten more airports by the end of early October,  “rationalising” manpower by bringing in more smart technology all across the board in the aerospace industry. 


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