The Indian Railways, India’s largest transportation body, is planning to ban single-use plastics on both its trains and premises, reports Scoop Whoop. This eco-friendly measure is currently planned to be implemented from 2 October 2019.

The country’s Ministry of Railways has directed that all railway units stop using single-use plastic materials that have a thickness of less than 50 microns. The Railway ministry has also ordered that all railway vendors must avoid the use of plastic bags. Instead, they must use inexpensive reusable bags.

According to the Financial Express, this decision was been taken following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s annual Independence Day speech this year, where he mentioned the need to eliminate single-use plastic in India.

Indian Railways Takes A Big Eco-friendly Step

Additionally, the authorities will expedite the installation of over 1,800 plastic water bottle crushing machines at hundreds of major stations across the country. They have also made sure that the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Development Corporation (IRCTC) to return any plastic drinking bottles uses as a part of this Extended Producer Responsibility.

Miami - December 6, 2017: Consumer trash from fast-food chains, drinks brands, and plastic water bottles overflows from a public garbage can on the street outside Art Basel Miami Beach art fair.The Railway Ministry has also issued a circular regarding the various instructions that will be enforced from 2 October 2019 onwards. This includes the following:

  • Indian Railways has imposed a ban on single-use plastic material.
  • All Indian Railways vendors have been directed to avoid the use of plastic carry bags.
  • The staff of Indian Railways have been directed to reduce, reuse and refuse plastic products. Also, they have been asked to use inexpensive reusable bags to reduce plastic footprint.
  • The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) would implement the practice of return of plastic drinking water bottles as part of Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Plastic bottle crushing machines will be provided at Indian Railways stations and premises expeditiously.

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