Angry Indigo passengers of a flight from Delhi to Istanbul take to twitter to shame Indigo once again, as they forget to load the entire flight’s checked-in luggage.

The incident took place on the 15 September 2019, when the airline known for its economic rates to international and domestics destinations forgot to load the luggage of the entire aircraft back in Delhi. One angry passenger took to twitter to record the incident calling attention to the unruly service of the airline, adding a picture of the apology letter he received filled with a series of vague instructions.

Forget my luggage once shame on me! Forget it twice #shameonindigo.

Regardless of the statement given by an Indigo spokesperson, claiming payload restrictions on Istanbul flights, expected heavy headwind and fuel expenses, the conversation on twitter took a bitter turn for Indigo, with previous passengers of the airline, twitting their luggage woes with the “on-time delivering courteous and hassle-free experience” carrier.

With selected reply from Indigo on twitter, the passengers of all Istanbul flights have been assured that their luggage will reach them soon but without any compensation for the inconvenience caused. However, the troubles have not yet ended for the carrier, as one passenger’s tweet has started a conversation on the airline’s capability to deliver followed by the hashtag #shameonindigo.

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