Ireland is hosting a three-month foodie campaign hoping to put modern Irish cuisine on the map. The ‘world’s longest food festival’ is a 12-week campaign packed with multiple programmes. There are going to be nearly 700 food and drink-related experiences across Ireland and Northern Ireland running till 30 November, reports Lonely Planet.

Ireland’s culinary renaissance

Over the last few years, Ireland has undergone a kind of culinary renaissance with a huge focus on farm-to-table and sea-to-fork dining. This new festival invites visitors to interact with food producers, distillers and brewers; join food trails; forage and fish and learn traditional skills in cooking workshops. 

Events at the festival

You could also choose to sit back and relax while enjoying modern Irish cuisine across many pubs, cafés and restaurants all over. The event will also give visitors a chance to go to pop-up restaurants, supper clubs and Michelin-starred dining rooms. You could also visit existing festivals such as the Armagh Food and Cider Festival, Murphy’s Cork Oyster and Seafood Festival, the Clonmel Applefest in Tipperary and the Festival of Honey in Wexford.

Traditional Irish beef stew.

With this year’s campaign, Tourism Ireland aims to make the event an annual autumn celebration for the next three years. The event will encourage visitors to connect with unique food experience and places that are not usually a part of typical tourist areas. 

Some of the best festivals that are a part of the campaign are:

Johnstown Castle Festival of Honey (28 – 29 September) 

At this event, you will get a chance to sample honey from the native Irish Black Bee that is the last remaining genetically pure native honey bee in Northern Europe.

Taste Causeway 2019 (4 – 27 October)  

This event is a month-long celebration of Northern Ireland’s world-renowned food and drink industry.

Savour Kilkenny (24 – 28 October) 

This festival is a celebration of local artisan products. 

The full programme of events can be viewed here.

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