Live Like A Station Master On Platform Three

Now you can experience life as a station master and spend the night at this English cottage on a train platform in Worcester. Though it may not be Platform 9 ¾, Platform Three is at a working train station and offers guests a unique experience.

Located in Malvern in Worcester, England, a popular spa town, the newly restored cottage at Platform Three is a short walk away from the Malvern Link with its many restaurants, shops, and pubs. It was built in the 1800s for the station master of the Malvern Station and is the only building to survive the demolition of the old station in the 1960s.

View from the Malvern Hills

Renovated by the new owners Lee and Chloe Bone, the cottage is now a five-star accommodation. Lee Bone is an award-winning local craftsman and worked to keep as many of the original features as possible. His goal was to give guests an authentic experience.

The Cottage On The Platform

The cottage is five minutes’ walk away from Malvern town and is easily connected to London Paddington, Birmingham New Street, and Hereford. Guests can even see trains passing by the windows, along with views of the lovely countryside beyond the station.

The picturesque Great Malvern, a short walk from the cottage

The cottage at Platform Three’s décor is inspired by the London Underground. The quirky décor includes a wall-mounted engine, a floating balcony, and a floor made entirely of 2p coins. It has two bedrooms and can accommodate four people.

Platform Three opens to visitors this April, with prices starting from £773 (£27.60 per person per night) for a minimum of seven nights. It is self-catered.


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