No shoes, no shirt? Don’t worry you’re still going to get service at this pub in London! The Coach & Horses on Greek Street, a long established Soho pub that’s been around for over 170 years, has been granted a nudist license by the city. Yes, you read that right. They’re free to welcome guests completely in the nude, reports Travel + Leisure.

The current owner, Alistair Choat was responsible for this quirky idea for a nudist pub. He launched a petition to keep the bar independent and prevent a big brewing chain from purchasing it. Ever since they’ve got their nudist license, they’ve also begun selling a nude charity calendar to raise funds for the bar. It features some of their regulars at the bar.

Events at the nudist pub

The calendar is titled The Beauty and the Beasts of Soho and cost 20 pounds. Part of the funds is being given away to the homelessness charity, St. Mungo’s. Choat spoke about the many ‘firsts’ in the pub’s colourful history, “We were the first vegetarian pub in London and now we’re the first pub with a nudist licence.”

london nudist pub
Coach and Horses on Greek Street (Source: Flickr)

While the nudist license allows all guests and staff to strip down, you can’t just walk in naked. All nudity will be pre-arranged and will occur on special occasions. Patrons will be given plenty of warning in advance. There aren’t going to be any sudden surprises!

Nudist venues are not a new concept. Nudist beaches, pop-up nudist restaurants are quite a common occurrence internationally which is why Coaches & Horses’ decision to open up a bohemian bar to the nude neighbourhood make quite a bit of sense.

The first nudist event will be held in June. Choat said, “We are going to be planning, in June, a nude night. We haven’t got the exact date yet, but that’s what’s going be happening — so that all these people phoning up wanting to get naked and have a pint in the center of Soho will be able to do so.”


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