Meet the Happiest Animal: Rottnest Island’s Tourism sensation

Have you ever visited a place just to take a selfie with an adorable native? When we say native, we mean the non-human kind. The next time you plan a trip to Australia, try a spot of Rottnest Island’s Tourism and visit the adorable quokka. You will not be disappointed – cuteness incoming! (you have been warned).

Quokkas steal the show with their adorable photogenic looks. This furry little creature poses like a star for tourist cameras. Contrary to popular belief that Tourism development would be dangerous for the survival of rare species; Quokkas have adapted to the human presence and they seem to be thriving despite the boom in Rottnest Island’s Tourism.

Quokkas contribute to Rottnest Island’s Tourism

The “aggressive” tourism campaign has incited 30% increase in the number of tourists Rottnest island is pulling in and Quokka selfies are a significant contributor to the tourism growth. The number of travellers coming to the island has risen in the past seven months, says Western Australia’s Tourism Minister Paul Papalia.

Nice to meet you #newpal @westernaustralia #rottnestisland #happyquokka

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Get your Quokka selfie

The West Australian government hasn’t yet uncovered the cost of the selfie taken by Swiss tennis star Roger Federer with this super cute animal. He had flown by helicopter to the island last December before posting the photo on Instagram. The happy quokka selfie went viral reaching more than 581 million people in 45 countries in about two weeks. Several other Australian celebrities snapped a selfie with this cute mammal including Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, and Margot Robbie.

Where can you find these adorable cuties

Quokkas are exclusive to Western Australia and they live on the mainland at the nature reserve at Two Peoples Bay. You can spot them on Rottnest Island near Perth, or Bald Island. Their population have been scattered across forests and coastal heath between Perth and Albany.

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