An art museum will soon open in a medieval monastery located under the Swiss Alps. This unique underground space will now be used for exhibitions and art shows at the Muzeum Susch.

Located in the Engadine, the valley of the Inn River, the Muzeum Susch is set to open in January 2019. Against the backdrop of the snowy Graubünden Alps, this space was one a medieval monastery and brewery. It is now being restored and expanded. The new museum’s three interconnected buildings will keep elements of the natural mountain rock and flowing water throughout.

Engadin Valley Switzerland
The Muzeum Susch is located in the Engadin valley in the Swiss Alps.

Over a year-long excavation, over 9000 tonnes of rock were shifted, creating a large underground space. The space will now include a restaurant and even an artist’s residence. It will also have over 1500 square metres of gallery space. They will be used for both permanent artworks and a regular set of temporary curated exhibitions.

The new Muzeum Susch is set to open in the Swiss Alps

As the director of Muzeum Susch, Mareike Dittmer, says, “Muzeum Susch provides a unique kind of breathing space that allows for unexpected ideas to surface. The remote and rural location of the museum encourages contemplation and meditation at the same time as complete independence of thought. The reaction from the local community has been very positive so far. Residents of Susch have been involved in consultation throughout the restoration and building process and there is much anticipation for the end result to be revealed.”

Muzeum Susch
9,000 tonnes of rock were removed to make way for exhibition space in the museum. (Image by Muzeum Susch)

Various exhibitions have been planned on various topics such as gender issues in art and science. However, the Muzeum Susch’s opening exhibitions will be about the theme of femininity. This exhibition will be by Kasia Redzisz, senior curator of the Tate Liverpool, and will feature works by over 30 international artists.

You can find out more about the Muzeum Susch at their official website. You can also read more about fascinating museums around the world.


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