New Airport At Myanmar For International Travelers

A new international airport is to open in Myanmar, the south-east Asian nation currently facing a refugee crisis. Scheduled to open by 2020, the country’s department of civil aviation has said that the construction plans are to be finalized by next month.

Hanthawaddy International is to be located in the Bago region, around 50 miles outside Yangon. It will be Myanmar’s fourth international airport. It is set have an initial capacity of 12 million passengers a year, which is eventually expected to rise to 30 million.

The new airport is to become a major international gateway for Myanmar, overtaking the country’s current primary airport in Yangon. Officials hope that all international all international airlines will be based there instead of Yangon International Airport when it is completed. Work on the airport first started in 2001 but was put on hold for several years before being resurrected in 2012.

The beach on Nyuang Oo Phee Island, Myanmar

The country is also looking to build a bridge connecting downtown Yangon to the new airport in the hopes of drawing more tourists. Bago is located on the United Nations’ proposed Asian Highway that connects 32 countries in Europe and Asia and covering over 141,000 kilometers of road.

What To Do In Bago

Bago is a central adminstrative region of Myanmar, and is bordered by the Yangoon region in the south. To the north is the Mandalay region, while the to the east and west are the Gulf of Martaban and the Rakhine State. The Rakhine State is the center of the ongoing refugee crisis and conflict in the country.

Kambawzathardi golden palace of King Bayinnaung at Bago, Myanmar

Bago is located close to numerous beaches, as well as several hiking trails. However, the most notable points of interest are the historic temples and pagodas. The Kyaikpun Buddha, Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Buddha and Kanbawzathadi Palace are some of the few monuments open to tourists.

Currently, visitors to the region are able to fly in through Mandalay and Yangoon, and Bago remains largely unconnected to other popular tourist areas.


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